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Afrika Books was established fifteen years ago as a response to the lack of appropriate materials and information reflective of the worth and power needs of Black/African people. Major institutions such as public schools, libraries, and churches were almost void of positive books, curricula, and other support materials and services that placed the historical experiences of Black people in its rightful place... at the core of the human experience.


The presentation of positive historical information is the first step in affirming Black/African greatness. Such information would destroy the lies, myths, and half-truths which have defined Africa and African people as inferior in the mind of the world community and rescue them from the destructiveness of mis education and Black self-hatred. Public and private school curricula, religious theologies, and other educational/empowerment programs where African people (particularly black youth) are taught should be reconstructed (or new ones developed) to reflect a positive view of the total African experience. By exposing African-Americans to models of greatness found in their own history, along with present day working examples of the same, the Black community can be energized to greater heights in every aspect of human endeavor. Afrika Books is dedicated to this purpose.

Afrika Books distributes African-centric books, tapes, and other related materials and support services.